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Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he becomes more competitive with Don as the series progresses, and ultimately becomes a partner of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Elizabeth "Betty" Francis (née Hofstadt, formerly Draper; January Jones) is the ex-wife of Don Draper (who affectionately called her "Betts," or on occasion "Birdy") and mother of their three children, Sally, Bobby, and Gene.

Ted Chaough (Kevin Rahm) (pronounced ), is a self-proclaimed rival of Don Draper's in the advertising world.

His agency, Cutler Gleason and Chaough (CGC), picks up Don's resigned accounts Clearasil and Belle Jolie, and is competing with SCDP for an account with Honda in Season 4.

This time, Ted remains confident but is much less obnoxious than in his previous appearances; he doesn't tell Peggy how jealous he is of Don, and he appreciates her talent more than Don ever had.

She accepts his offer, which in the season finale has him assigning her a huge amount of material involving an account for cigarettes aimed at female consumers.

Don tricks Ted into making an expensive presentation to Honda executives, which backfires on Ted as he violates Honda's presentation rules (no finished work or commercials allowed at the presentation).

Though the two agencies are comparable in size, Chaough seems obsessed with competing against Don, behaving in a magnanimous and jesting manner whenever Don crosses Ted's path.

A huge collection with such insane content to provide access to the best videos online.Her family home was in Elkins Park, Pa., and she graduated from Bryn Mawr College. She is the archetypal dissatisfied 1960s housewife, who dutifully turned her back on her education and professional career (as a model) to become a homemaker.After obtaining a divorce from Don, she marries Henry Francis and moves to Rye in late 1965.In "For Immediate Release," Ted and Don commiserate at a bar over their very low chances of winning the Chevy account, primarily due to the small size of their respective firms.Don spontaneously comes up with, and pitches to Ted, the idea that they should combine their firms so as to have a shot at competing with the major ad agencies.

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In "Man with a Plan", Ted's management style is shown to clash with Don's, as the personable Ted tries to involve everyone and get their input, while Don primarily values his own opinion.

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